In today's highly competitive market, Jim Ziegler asks automobile dealers and managers four simple questions:

"Are your grosses high enough?"

"Is your sales volume high enough?"

"Are you struggling to gain an edge on your competition?"

"If you're already doing a great job, can you do even better?"

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Featured Speaker - Tammie LeBleu - Internet Director | Sales Manager - Orr Nissan

David Blassingame

Jennifer Boland

Tammie LeBleu

Tammie is that super-performer every dealership wishes they had. A personal friend and student of Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg.

Tammie takes relationship sales and marketing seriously using... Read more

David Blassingame Jennifer Boland

Sean Bradley

Shawn Foster

Ryan Holtz

Christian Jorn

Matt Koenig

Terry Lancaster

Sean Bradley Shawn Foster Ryan Holtz Christian Jorn Matt Koenig Terry Landcaster

Gary May

Reuben Muinos

Don O'Neill

Dave Page

Ken Potter

  Gary May Reuben Muinos Don O'Neill Dave Page Ken Potter  

Mike Ridenour

Mark Tewart

Mike Waterman

Bill Wittenmyer

Jim Ziegler

  Mike Ridenour Mark Tewart Mike Waterman Bill Wittenmyer Jim Ziegler  


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David Blassingame

Managing Partner - Autoflex Leasing

Autoflex Leasing started as Adams Used Cars by Andy and Ray Adams in 1982. Someone called one day and asked if they leased cars. Of course they said "Certainly" and Autoflex Leasing was born.

Since then Autoflex has grown to its present three locations and leases and sells over 4,000 cars per year. Autoflex is endorsed by 8 State medical associations and the National Football League Players and Coaches Association. Projected 2014 sales are estimated to be $120,000,000.

David will be presenting:

Changing Your Business Model to Take Advantage of the Market

"The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out". Dee Hock

David Blassingame

The market continues to change. Buyers are better informed, their attention spans are shorter, and traditional buying patterns have changed. What are you doing to take advantage of the new ways to touch prospects and increase sales? This session will deal with:

  • Showroom Sales Procedures
  • CRM
  • Leasing
  • Special Finance
  • Pay Plans
  • Hours
  • Marketing
  • Internet Channels
  • Available Talent Pool
  • Plan - Try - Asses - Repeat

Jennifer Boland

Owner and Consultant -
Simply the Best Business Development

At the age of 18 Jennifer Boland started her career as a Kirby Vacuum salesperson. Within a very short 3 months she was promoted because she had quickly become a top producer and began hiring and training people to sell Kirby vacuums. This demonstrated to be a great training ground for the car business! In 1999, she began selling cars and ended up working for a company with an outside call center “BDC” for car dealers. She decided that she could help stores set-up their own BDCs, and went to work starting more than a few BDCs for dealers before striking out on her own in 2007.

After setting up many BDCs, she evolved her business model to help dealers close on more of the leads they were getting and focusing on implementing a process that would support a higher closing ratio, with or without a BDC.

Jennifer Boland

In 2009, her company partnered with Now Marketplace, Inc., which focuses on Digital Marketing and web site conversions. Together, they partnered to help 75+ dealers sell more cars through the Internet by increasing their lead volume, improving their Internet presence and/or adjusting and supporting their process.

In 2014, her company entered into another partnership with SampleOn Inc. to assist in developing a sales strategy and process and provide the Automotive Industry a platform to engage customers through a new, powerful buzz marketing platform that ignites word of mouth advertising like never before, as well as diversify her company to service to a larger variety of businesses.

Jennifer will be presenting:

10 Low to No Cost Solutions that will Increase Sales

  • Increase sales conversion by identifying key opportunities and properly focusing on the important metrics to maximize your showroom traffic
  • Institute a challenge to drive sales through fixed ops
  • Establish an appointment culture in your dealership
  • Insist that your incoming sales calls be the priority that they are
  • Proof that 3rd party leads are a viable strategy to increase sales and how your store can fully capitalize on the investment
  • Reasons to have your salespeople and BDC both work together to fully maximize your internet leads
  • Audit your ROI on lead sources monthly and measure the necessary activity crucial to success
  • Big BDC, Small BDC, or No BDC- What's the Best Fit for your dealership's culture?
  • Require that review gathering be a priority in your sales process
  • Insist that your main traffic driver look like a $20,000 ad campaign and focus on it daily

Sean Bradley

Founder & CEO - Dealer Synergy, Inc.

Sean V. Bradley is the top automotive trainer and consultant in the country and is currently one of the most sought after subject matter experts for Internet Sales, Business Development and Digital Marketing. Beginning as a sales consultant, Sean learned the business from the ground up holding positions at dealerships as Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Special Finance Manager and Business Development Director.

One of the premier presenters at NCM and NADA 20 groups, Sean has spoken to over 80 NADA and NCM 20 groups and has been noted as one of the highest rated NADA Convention Speakers from 2008 to 2011. He is also an expert on the JD Power and Associates Internet Round Table. Sean has guided Dealer Synergy to become a two-time winner of the Auto Dealer's Monthly's Dealers Choice Award for "Best Internet Trainer" and was also voted "Best of the Best Internet Training Company" 3 years in a row by Dealix.

Sean Bradley

Furthermore, Sean V. Bradley is the only certified Franklin Covey Trainer and Facilitator in the Automotive Industry and a proud member of the National Speakers Association. Mr. Bradley also created the popular NCM/Dealer Synergy Internet Sales Boot Camps, the Synergy Sessions events, Internet Director Immersion Program and Additionally, he is the founder of and the co-creator of Dealer Battle Plan. Most notably, he single-handedly pioneered the field of Automotive Video Search Engine Optimization. Sean V. Bradley writes in over 13 national and international magazines and is a contributing writer on numerous automotive blogs and networking sites. If all of this wasn't enough, you can see more of his success story at

Shawn Foster

Executive Trainer - DealerStrong

Shawn Foster is an Executive Trainer for DealerStrong. With more than 60 years of combined experience in complete dealership operations, including unmatched special finance expertise, DealerStrong is the obvious choice for auto dealers that want to strengthen their operation through used car and special finance improvements.

A former dealer with 25 years in the automotive industry, Shawn has trained hundreds of dealers, sales & finance personnel, and general managers. Having spent 12 years desking thousands of deals has provided Shawn with experience and examples of nearly every sales situation.

The understanding of the sales process and the difficulties dealers face when buying cars, led Shawn to invent Bidzpin, the industry’s only Special Finance Mobile Application Technology.

Sean Bradley

Shawn will be presenting:

Formula for Finding New Profits From Customers that May Now Be Slipping Through the Cracks

3 Steps to Uncovering Additional Gross Profit in Special Finance

Finance Companies, Customers, and Inventory, how to make them all fit

  • Surveying the service department for special finance
  • Yes, you can buy cars for any program!
  • Uncover the serious used car department disconnect that suppresses profits
  • What your used car manager HAS to know to be successful
  • Used vehicle inventory management that keeps gross on the books
  • Capitalize on underserved markets for your store

Brandon K. Hardison

President - Champion Strategies, Inc.

Brandon K. Hardison, President of Champion Strategies, Inc. has been in the automotive space for over 30 years training and consulting in every profit center. Champion Strategies, Inc. has trained and coached sales consultants, desk managers, F&I managers, Service Advisers, Wholesale Parts team members, GM and DP's. What sets our company apart is our training outside the Automotive Industry within different vertical markets. Brandon has coached President's Award /Best Place to Work Awards winners, coached HR departments with acquisition store start up, designed implemented and coached sales and service winners in National Walk-Around competitions. Brandon is a certified expert in the NLP style of teaching and has earned a Master's in Education Administration.

Brandon Hardison

Brandon will be presenting:

Certified Pre-Owned Sales and Strategies

Brandon K. Hardison lays out a detailed strategy and business plan to implement a highly successful - highly profitable Certified Pre-owned Sales Business Plan.

  • How to control and monitor and increase efficiency in reconditioning costs and "Turn-Time" from the shop to the front line is critical to the success of your CPO Program. Communication and coordination between Used, Parts and Service Management will set the tone for the entire CPO Program.
  • How to design a winning inventory strategy. It is a statistical fact that CPO’s sell at a 2:1 rate, so if you don’t have the Inventory you can’t sell. Stock CPO’s in your Inventory and they will come!
  • How to create a highly effective overall, online presence and creative marketing is a critical component of a strong and successful CPO program. The focus should be on CPO content, website consistency, SEO optimization, social media, and flash banners.....all of which will get you sales team LEADS!
  • Custom delivery of pre-owned vehicles.
  • The Wow factor. Follow the same process when delivering a CPO vehicle as if it were a new car, even down to a customer survey and watch how your dealership will set itself apart in your market.
  • The F&I team has been trained to sell product not rate, nothing changes with a CPO program. F&I team members should menu sell to every customer and form the relationships with the manufacturer’s financial team. In 2013 Manufacturer’s Wrap-Around Service Contract sold at a 97% rate!
  • Much more content in this incredible and unique session by Brandon Hardison.

Ryan Holtz

Marketing Consultant/Trainer -

Ryan Holtz is an Internationally Recognized Automotive Marketer. Ryan was responsible for getting his dealership to become the FIRST ever dealership verified and featured by twitter themselves alongside Barack Obama. Ryan has since expanded into his own Marketing Consulting & Training Company.

Ryan will be presenting:

Who would of thought Automotive Digital Marketing Could Be Sexy?!

Join Ryan as he shares some of his experiences and techniques to help YOU incorporate digital marketing into your dealership's strategy. Ryan will talk about his INFAMOUS "Fishbowl Syndrome" and go over how to get your past, present and future customers to actually care about you using social media, video and content

Ryan Holtz Visit site

marketing that is relevant, useful and not out dated! After all, this is a sales conference, but before you can close the sale, you actually need to get the customer.

Christian Jorn

President - Remora, Inc.

Christian is an SEO guru responsible for countless industry firsts on the web, Christian’s portfolio of long-term winning includes increased dealer profits of 30%+ compounded for 5 years. An old hat in the car business and Master Certified by Ford, Christian's inventions are routinely imitated but never duplicated. Remora members often profit for years before any competitors even realize what is going on.

Christian will be presenting:

Leveraging Google Insights and Resources to Crush Your Competition

  • Modern techniques for effective search engine optimization
  • Communicating with Google via Webmaster Tools
  • Mobile SEO tactics for top visibility
Christian Jorn Visit site
  • Logical Steps to achieve a single digit bounce rates now
  • Monitoring your vitals with Webmaster Tools
  • Leveraging Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool
  • Maximizing the tablet experience
  • Google Analytics benchmarks
  • Learn what you can do to ensure an unfair market position
  • Effective selling on Craigslist without posting inventory

Matt Koenig

Founder & CEO - KonigCo

Matt Koenig is the CEO and Founder of KonigCo, as well as creator of the award winning iCall AutoLeads SMS Lead Generation tool for Dealers. An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Mat is a 20 year Automotive Sales and Marketing Veteran. He has worked with many of the most successful Automotive Groups and Digital Vendors in the Country helping Dealers improve process. He launched Edmunds Direct to Dealer Program and was a Sales Training Manger for Today his focus is helping Dealers find the perfect blend of technology and common sense to increase sales and profit.

Matt Koenig

Matt will be presenting:

Mobile: The Now Generation for Getting & Keeping Customers

The average automotive shopper only visits 1.3 dealers before buying and with only 2% of shoppers filling out lead forms and 2 out of three not making any contact before coming in, Dealers need a new way cause consumer interaction instead of hoping for it. In this session Dealers will learn to...

  • Generate leads with valid mobile numbers to stop the shop
  • Create pre-sale opportunities from fresh trades before they hit the lot with mobile video
  • Generate leads from after-hours shoppers by using mobile incentives
  • Use mobile video for follow sales department follow up
  • Use mobile video for private internal staff communications
    • Motivation, training, instant spiffs for the staff
  • Use SMS Marketing and Digital Coupons the right way to improve service loyalty
  • Use Service Department Mobile Campaigns to increase Profit per R.O.
  • Use Service Department Mobile Campaigns in improve Sales Department Visibility
  • Improve Ad Campaign ROI Tracking with SMS Calls to Action

Terry Lancaster

Co-founder and Vice President -
Instant Events Automotive Advertising

Terry Lancaster is the co-founder and Vice President of Making Sh!t happen at Instant Events Automotive Advertising

Instant Events produces the biggest, loudest car ads in the history of big, loud car ads for dealerships in every English speaking nation on Earth with no long term contracts, no commissions and no percentage of the gross.

Lancaster is a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant, holds a degree in Journalism from Tennessee Technological University and is the father of 3 teenage daughters. In his spare time can be found, like any true native southerner, at the ice rink playing hockey.

Terry Lancaster Visit site...

Terry will be presenting:

Why On God's Green Earth Are Car Dealers Still Spending 3/4 of Their Advertising Budget on Traditional Media?

  • The Death of Traditional Media has been greatly exaggerated. Car dealers still spend BILLIONS on print, radio, TV and Direct Mail
  • 70% of car sales come from Non Internet Leads and Less than 5% of the people who visit your web page fill out a contact form, probably a lot less
  • The simple reason why Google now makes more profit than all the newspapers in America combined
  • A lot of your internet leads were already looking for you when they found you and a lot of people make a lot of money getting in between you and them
  • Offline advertising drives online traffic. Keep the funnel full by using Old School Media to drive New Age Traffic to your website, phones, and dealership.
  • Why car dealers love radio and TV more today than even yesterday and how to create ads that demand attention, build traffic and dominate your market
  • How the internet usurped Direct Mail's role as the accountable medium and how to use direct mail today as a shotgun instead of a rifle
  • Create instant traffic by creating messages that target the 1% of the population in the market for a car RIGHT NOW pulling buyers forward into the funnel sooner with urgency and using the power of branding and consistency to influence the other 99%
  • You have to work both ends of the funnel using every tool at your disposal
  • Cut out as many middlemen as possible. If you OWN the audience you OWN the lead

Tammie LeBleu

Internet Director | Sales Manager -
Orr Nissan Bossier City & Orr Nissan Shreveport, Louisiana

Tammie is that super-performer every dealership wishes they had. Tammie is a personal friend and student of Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg.

Tammie takes relationship sales and marketing seriously using Ziegler's formulas mixed with her own personal dynamics. We are very proud to have her on our stage. In this very Special featured Session Tammie will share her secrets that put her among the highest paid car sales professionals in the country.

Tammie will be presenting:

Everything I Do Online That Made Me the NUMBER TWO Nissan Sales Person in the Nation

Tammie LeBleu ORR NISSAN Bossier City

In this session Tammie will outline the processes, mindset and procedures that took her from an entry-level sales professional, to a record-breaking Internet Sales Professional making $400,000.00 a year - number two Nissan Sales in the country, to becoming a Sales Manager, to running record-breaking Internet Departments for two highly successful dealerships.

Tammie is the real deal, a working manager, facing the same challenges your dealership faces every day. You will be inspired and energized with her message, intensity, focus, and dedication to process.

Proud to call Tammie my friend and student...
Jim Ziegler, the Alpha Dawg

Gary May

President/Consultant - IM@CS

May is the President/Consultant at Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services,(im@cs).

Gary May launched IM@CS in September 2007 with a focus on helping dealerships and OEMs with digital marketing, eCommerce, process and branding. At the time, there were no independents focusing on best practices for the impending shift in marketing and lead management. Gary's passion for businesses in the automotive space coincides with his "automotive moves at the speed of retail, not the OEM anymore" mentality and his no-holds barred approach to business management. Featured as a speaker at automotive events including DrivingSales, JD Power & Associates, Internet Battle Plan, and PCG, a regular blogger and recognized dealer advocate, he and his company focus their strengths and attention on making progressive dealerships unique in a time where there are more constraints being enforced limiting franchises.

Gary May Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services

Shortly after consulting services began, the company added social media management in January 2008 and sales training in April 2008. Gary is looking forward to beginning his 13th year in the automotive industry in 2013 after spending over a decade in the cycling industry, including being an avid cyclist for over 27 years (racing for 12). Away from automotive circles, Gary participates in Social Media Club Los Angeles and Digital LA events, including multiple speaking appearances, as well as various marketing conference attendance to bring a broader perspective back to the industry.

Gary will be presenting:

Live or Die by Your CRM

Gary says no matter what CRM your dealership uses, they produce have positive results. It’s the users and the processes that make the difference. In this session Gary shows best practices as well as the worst practices to avoid.

  • Why your Dealership must have a CRM Culture
  • Firm processes revolving around CRM – no deviation or exceptions
  • Effectively drive revenue from New and Existing Customers
  • How and why dealerships must operate in CRM
  • How to create the CRM culture in your store (spiff or spank)
  • To BDC or not to BDC... that is the question
  • Best practices and operational success examples
  • Is CRM Superior to Internet Lead Management? Both?
  • Mobile CRM and what it means
  • Interdepartmental CRM application in your store?

Reuben Muinos

Director of Business Development -
Dealer Socket

Muinos focuses on continuing to grow DealerSocket's OEM relationships and building additional business with large dealer groups.

Prior to joining DealerSocket, Reuben Muinos was with the Galpin Motors organization for a combined 17 years. In addition to being the number one volume Ford dealer in world for 19 consecutive years, Galpin is one of the most honored dealership groups in automotive history.

Reuben has worked in many facets during his tenure at Galpin including E-commerce Director and technology advisor for all of Galpin's franchises which includes Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo, Honda, Aston Martin and Saturn. As e-Commerce Director, Reuben propelled Galpin Ford to the number one e-Commerce store in the nation according to Ford Motor Company.

Reuben Muinos Visit site...

In addition to his experience at Galpin, Reuben has been a featured contributor to many top tier industry magazines, conferences and seminars. He has traveled the country providing advice to dealerships, OEMs and dealer groups on how to best use technology to drive sales.

"Reuben is an incredible asset and DealerSocket is very pleased to have a top notch industry veteran of his caliber on our team," said Matt Redden, DealerSocket Vice President of Sales.

Don O'Neill

V.P. of Sales & Marketing - Co-founder - DealerLegion

As V.P. of Sales and Marketing and co-founder, Don brings his vast dealership operational experience to each and every Dealer Partner DealerLegion holds under its rooftop. Having held every position in management structure, Don leverages the utilization of technology, data, and sound sales processes to each product DealerLegion develops. As the author of the DMA Catapult platform, Don wrote the software that is utilized as the foundation for every product that is leveraged for DealerLegion's Dealer Partners.

Being a believer in "it's the man not the machine" train of thought, Don delivers a hands on approach to client acquisition and management. Each Dealer Partner is his partner, taking the personal responsibility of success under every rooftop as his personal task.

Don will be presenting:

Sell 30 New Cars to Your Competitor's Customers This Month!

  • Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Data Mining
  • Mining your PMA, not just your Database
  • What's your Hook?
  • True Cost and ROI of your Mining Campaign
  • In-Brand conquest, the LOW HANGING FRUIT!
Don O'Neill

Dave Page

Owner & Director - Dealer e-Process

Dave Page is part owner and director of Dealer eProcess, a leading website and internet solutions company in the automotive business. Dave began his career in the automotive industry in 1991.

After graduating with a finance degree from DePaul University in 1996, Dave was offered an opportunity to work as a service consultant with one of the largest auto groups in Illinois, Lynch Auto Group. Motivated by money and serving as a car porter & detailer for 4 years while going to school, taking on a job as a Service Consultant wasn't exactly what Dave had in mind as far as using his degree was concerned, but the transition seemed challenging. Five years later, Dave became the Assistant Service Manager for Lynch Automotive Group. After serving as the Assistant Service Manager for 3 years, it was time for another challenge.

Dave Page

Dave took a position as the Service Director at Gillespie Auto Group on the south side of Chicago in a culturally diverse area that would change his life forever. While working at Gillespie Auto Group during the time of the internet boom, Dave was leaned on heavily by Michael Gillespie, owner of Gillespie Auto Group to help change the way business is done, but this time on the sales side of things. Dave said "Mike Gillespie took a gamble on me and moved me from the service department where I built a well oiled machine that rose gross profits from 30k per month to 400k per month in a 5 year period" into the internet sales department.

While serving as the internet director at Gillespie Auto Group, Gillespie Pontiac won dealer of the year 3 times while outselling all Buick, Cadillac, GMC dealers combined, while doing it in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the nation, the south side of Chicago. Dave & Mike's strategy prompted a write up from Automotive News which brought dealers from all over the country to learn about their internet process, which lead to the next challenge in Dave's life.

Dealer e-Process is part owned and directed by Dave Page. Born out of a dealership on the south side of Chicago in 2007, Dealer e-Process has quickly become one of the top website providers in the industry as witnessed by numerous awards in 2012.

Dave will be presenting:

Exploding Website Conversion - An Insiders Road Map to Benchmarking & Converting 50% of Website Visitors to Leads

No Doubt. Make no mistake about it. This presentation is about Dealer e-Process.

Unlike all of the other conferences, Ziegler does not totally discourage presenters from showcasing onstage AS LONG AS they give value and don't hammer their product or services to the audience.

In this presentation Dave is going in depth with real numbers and statistics on what is actually working to bring incredibly strong returns with actual examples of analysis derived from 2500 websites.

Look for a strong PowerPoint presentation with examples of best practices, for total customer involvement in all dealer online mediums including, handheld (iPhone and Droid), Chat, Targeted emails, and Website presentation and high-conversion techniques.

This is all about what works and what doesn't, backed up with advanced analytics and statistics. You'll immediately see some things you're doing that probably aren't worth continuing... and some things you need to become involved with immediately.

This is a session to seriously take a look at your total internet marketing strategy with the highest possible success based on what is working in this right now environment.

Ken Potter

Vice President of Dealer Development - TrueCar, Inc.

Ken Potter oversees TrueCar's dealer development. Previously, Potter was Vice President and General Manager - Automotive, for Internet Brands, Inc., where he had profit and loss responsibility for

During his 11 years with Internet Brands, he also oversaw inside and outside sales, customer service, accounting and automotive product development. Potter's career in the automotive industry also includes serving as General Manager of two car dealerships, including nearly three years at CarMax.

Ken will be presenting:

Getting More Sales of out Your Reps. and Current Leads

  • Understanding and segmenting your current opportunities
  • How to drive feedback from consumers to improve sales
Ken Potter TrueCar, Inc.
  • Best practice closing techniques

Matt Redden

VP of Sales and Marketing - DealerSocket

Matt drives sales through a unified approach that incorporates marketing, sales and customer support. Over the last 18 years, Matt has built his career around strategic marketing and driving sales in multiple markets through an innovative and focused approach. He began his career in the pharmaceutical industry where he worked for Parke-Davis (Pfizer), Merck and Sanofi-Aventis.

Matt Redden DealerSocket

Mike Ridenour

Sales Director - Dominion Dealer Solutions

Mike Ridenour is a Sales Director with Dominion Dealer Solutions where he's spent the last 9 years. Mike has been selling CRM solutions for over ten years in the automotive market. With over 27 years of automotive experience spanning from the showroom to managing a sales team, he understands how utilizing a CRM effectively can increase efficiency and generate increased sales. Mike currently uses a CRM to successfully manage his sales team at Dominion as well as teaching customers best practices to drive more sales through CRM usage.

Mike will be presenting:

Maximize CRM Results

  • Getting optimum results and efficiency with your CRM
  • Adopting workflow processes to ensure CRM success
Mike Ridenour Dominion Dealer Solutions
  • Managing and understanding data, Inspect what you Expect
  • Working the dealership database more efficiently -- using information to increase sales
  • Maximizing ROI of your CRM investment

Mark Rodriguez

President and founder - Auto Client Care, Inc.

Mark Rodriguez, President of Auto Client Care, Inc is a Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, Work Shop presenter for GNYADA, Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan, NJ Car and is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. With over 20 years of Automotive Retail experience he is proud to bring his training expertise in the area of educating, motivating and inspiring his students and workshop attendees to deliver World Class service over the phone in Sales and Fixed Operations.

Mark will be presenting:

Cutting Edge Phone Handling Processes for today's Automotive Management Teams

Are you tired of giving out price, payment and availability quotes without customer contact info, email addresses or even a tentative commitment? Are you committed to providing your people the phone skills necessary to dominate your competition in this high tech high touch environment?

Mark Rodriguez

Visit site...

Countless times a day BDC Reps and Sales people line up at Sales Manager's desks with requests for information. Isn't it time your people learn how to get a commitment for an appointment over the phone regardless of the situation?

In this engaging workshop let me give you the real deal on using the right vocal tonality to help your people:

  • Execute an engaging rapport building greeting on every sales call!
  • Answer general and specific customer inquiries by mastering the art of answering questions by asking questions that make sense to the customer
  • Ask and obtain customer contact information including email address at the right time every time
  • Give customers Associate information on every call, without fail, no exceptions
  • Ask for appointments with options 100% of the time, every time, no exceptions

Matt Russo

Founder -

Contrary to many of the speakers at Internet Battle Plan, Matthew Russo comes to the automotive world via the digital space and brings a fresh perspective on social media to the industry.

Matt is the founder of, a digital agency in Columbus, Ohio that delivers leads and sales to dealerships - rather than "Likes" and "followers."

Previously, Matt was the Director of Social Media and Online Marketing for a tech startup that was acquired after growing its membership base from zero to 25,000 nationwide in nine months.

Since then, he has gone on to consult for small, medium, and nationally-recognized brands on their digital presence and use of social media to drive revenue.

Matt is also a co-founder of ChatterJet, an automated social media service that delivers content ideas, articles, conversation starters and leads to small businesses around the country. It was through this experience that was born.

Matthew will be presenting:

Selling to Half a Million Car Shoppers on Twitter

Matt Russo

Visit site...

  • The biggest mistake dealerships are making online today - and how to easily fix it
  • Why Facebook is a BAD way to attract new customers
  • The top keywords your dealership can use to identify an endless stream of leads in your city
  • Three simple ways to determine if you're wasting your time - and money - on social
  • How to filter the noise and target the most qualified leads on social media
  • Strategies for converting strangers into friends, and friends into customers on Twitter

Mark Tewart

Mark Tewart is a sales expert and professional speaker, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur and author of the best seller, "How To Be A Sales Superstar – Break All the Rules and Succeed While Doing It." Mark is a Professional Member of The National Speakers Association and The Authors Guild.

Mark will be presenting:

High Performance Management -
Death of the Traditional Dealership and Salesperson

  • The one question all dealership leaders are now faced with that will determine their success
  • Two simple words that will change the culture of your dealership
  • Pitfalls of traditional sales processes and what you must do in this marketplace to sell today's customer
  • Still make as much or more gross profit in the age of transparency

Mark Tewart

Visit site...

  • Still make as much or more gross profit in the age of transparency
  • One simple question all managers ask that kills sales and crushes your gross profit
  • The hidden wealth you have available in your dealership and what you must do to mine that wealth
  • Case study of clients over the last year for best and worst practices
  • Learn and implement the five things it takes for any manager or leader to be successful
  • Learn the simple three C's of management that will immediately improve your performance
  • Learn three simple tricks to recruit and hire better salespeople than you ever dreamed

Mike Waterman

Vice President, Divisional Vice President -
Dealertrack Technologies

Mike Waterman’s career in the automotive industry has spanned over 20 years, beginning with the retail side of the business on the sales floor of Dick Poulin Chevrolet in Rochester, New Hampshire, quickly moving into F&I and Sales Management at Foss Motors in Exeter, New Hampshire, and on to GM and Treasurer of the Key Auto Group of New Hampshire.

Mike has extensive experience in the areas of sales, fixed operations, wholesale and software solutions. In early 2001 he co-founded DealerWire Inventory Management Systems, later acquired by Dealertrack in 2006 where Mike has since served as Dealertrack’s National Director of Sales and currently Divisional Vice President. Mike’s unique blend of retail, wholesale and software insight and expertise has made him an in-demand featured speaker and panel participant at conferences nationwide as well as at industry round tables and 20-groups.

Mike Waterman


Community is important to Mike. He is the varsity boys basketball coach at Noble High School and also oversees the youth basketball programs. He is an avid golfer and musician. Mike lives in Berwick, Maine, with his wife Kristina and their four children.

Mike will be presenting:

Wholesale Profit = Competitive Edge

Join Mike Waterman, Divisional Vice President Inventory Solutions, Dealertrack Technologies, for a candid and interactive discussion on wholesale profit. Attendees will learn industry best practices in wholesale acquisition, disposition, reporting and management.

Give your dealership a competitive edge when you walk away with pivotal information about:

  • How to minimize exposure to wholesale loss
  • Increasing unique buyers of your wholesale inventory
  • Expanding your used car inventory without incurring buy fees

Bill Wittenmyer

Partner - ELEAD1ONE

Bill Wittenmyer currently serves as Partner of ELEAD1ONE, a division of Data Software Services, L.L.C. In addition to the daily responsibilities of the sales division, Bill also handles all OEM relationships for the company and key accounts such as Autobytel.

Prior to joining ELEAD1ONE in 2002, Bill spent over 10 years in the automotive retail space holding various positions in retail operations management with organizations such as the Coggin Automotive Group, a Florida based Asbury Automotive platform.

Bill received his B.S. in Business Administration from Ashland University and has done postgraduate work in Business Management at Georgia Southern University.

Bill Wittenmyer is currently active in several prominent automotive forums, speaking at several venues each year, and was a finalist as a representative of ELEAD1ONE for the American Honda Premier Partner Award.

Bill will be presenting:

Bill Wittenmyer

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Increase Profits by Improving Internet and BDC Follow-up Strategies

How effective are YOU communicating with lead opportunities? Today's automotive consumer has ever-changing shopping habits and requires a high level of consistent and SMART engagement.

Join Bill Wittenmyer as he presents how to build great customer experiences across multiple touch points. From effective communication methods - to intelligent messaging - to strategic BDC follow-up techniques, Wittenmyer will highlight short and long-term profit-building strategies that are proven to increase customer's LIFETIME value.

Discover key tactics that produce measurable and successful results while driving maximum results in sales, profits and customer retention for the dealers that execute them.

Jim Ziegler, CSP - The "Alpha Dawg"

President & CEO - Ziegler SuperSystems

James A. Ziegler, CSP, HSG... going on 40 years, Jim Ziegler's been a recognized industry, writer, speaker and super performer... a record setting manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country. This man is all about high profitability, gross per unit sold, high sales volume and exceptional customer satisfaction with the sale.

Jim's credentials include:

  • Worked with 15,000 dealerships nationwide
  • 100,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives have attended his seminars
  • He's worked in 1000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states
Jim Ziegler
  • Jim has been the featured keynote speaker 76 State Automobile Dealer Association Conventions
  • Rated in top ten workshop speakers at 11 National NADA Conventions
  • Featured speaker at three Digital Dealer Conventions, including Keynote at DD2 in Las Vegas
  • Widely read National Columnist, Wards Auto Dealer, F&I Showroom, Auto Dealer Monthly, and 14 years featured in Dealer Magazine

Jim is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the most highly sought after ultimate earned designation with The National Speakers Association.

You can contact Jim at 800.726.0510 - 9A.M.-5P.M. - Mon.-Fri.

Jim will be presenting four high-content sessions on Sales Management processes and Procedures, including his famous presentation on "Negotiation" titled "How to Work a Car Deal". Ziegler is nationally known for high profitability and bringing dealerships to the big numbers.

Ziegler's sessions on Sales Management and Dealership Processes are worth more than the price of admission many times over, don't miss this.

Cactus Sky Communications

Cactus Sky Communications

Cactus Sky is a full-service online advertising and public relations agency whose services increase and expand leads, sales and revenue. The company offers: website design, email marketing, online contests, database management, social media, public relations, online reputation management with eReputationBUILDER, online advertising, search engine marketing and mobile messaging. Cactus Sky has the largest consumer and business opt-in email database in the industry and has recently added a mobile phone database so clients may communicate via text messaging.

The company is a certified Return Path Partner and has a 95% email delivery rate with less than ½ percent unsubscribe rate. This is a testimony to its ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and firewalls. By also tracking the recipients’ actions (clicks), Cactus Sky provides an unprecedented marketing advantage.



In today’s retail automotive environment, any edge a dealer can give itself in one step closer to ensuring profitability. At CreditMiner, we are operators. Former Fixed op directors, Dealer Principals, Platform Managers, GM;s and GSM’s. So every product we create, is designed to deliver a tool that assists our dealers to gain a distinct, sell the unit, and remain profitable in each transaction.

CreditMiner Delivers a trio of benefits to our Dealer Partners, in ways that will have a big impact on the pay line. The number that matters, net profitability.

The company is a certified Return Path Partner and has a 95% email delivery rate with less than ½ percent unsubscribe rate. This is a testimony to its ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and firewalls. By also tracking the recipients’ actions (clicks), Cactus Sky provides an unprecedented marketing advantage.

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Dealer e-Process

Dealer e-Process, also known as the "Industry's Best Kept Secret", has one of the strongest core platforms in the automotive industry while possessing the latest engaging tools for their consumers.

As an all in one integrated solution, Dealer e-Process provides dealerships award winning CUSTOM Websites, Custom Mobile Websites, Pro-Active Managed Live Chat 24/7 365, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Management, Virtual Service Consultant, Live Repair Orders Online, award winning SEO & SEM, Video Integration, Dealership V360 virtual Tours, Inventory Management including Craigslist & ebay Posting and Rapid Response off hours leads answering service.

Dealer e-Process works hard to bring dealers the best technology and great service. Having real world dealership experience of a 100 plus years combined, they have solid existing relationships with dealers and make sure they get quick support and custom websites that fits dealer's needs.

Dealer e Process is proud to be the recipient of the most glorified awards in the automotive industry in 2012, which includes the Highest Rated Website provider from Dealerships looking to adapt to changes in their marketplace and incorporate better solutions should take a hard look at the solutions being provided by Dealer e Process, a leading website provider in the United States & Canada.

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DealerLegion is a cutting edge technology firm specialized in providing sales and marketing solutions for Franchise Dealers, and Used Vehicle Dealers nationwide. We leverage our unique proprietary systems to deliver sales and service solutions with measurable results delivered with each and every campaign.

Powered by the DMA Catapult system, DealerLegion offers several platforms that provides dealers a tool for engagement driving both sales and profitability. Our products, all under the Showroom Tandem™ supply our Dealer Partners with a guarantee of performance, we earn with our partners and celebrate our success with them, not in spite of them. See what it's like to have the Legion behind you.

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DealerSocket is an industry leading automotive CRM - Customer Relationship Management and dealership training provider, serving auto dealers throughout the US and Canada. Founded in 2001 by Jonathan Ord and Brad Perry, DealerSocket is based in San Clemente, California and employs 220 people, serves over 2,000 dealership customers and supports over 75,000 active users.

Our vision is to become the best in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Automotive Industry through superior technology, continuous customer support and flawless business execution.

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Dealer Synergy

Founded in 2004, Dealer Synergy builds the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments in the United States and is the only company in the automotive industry that is Franklin Covey certified.

Time after time, Dealer Synergy continues to build world class internet sales departments that are often featured on the covers of national publications.



It's a whole new world for auto retailers. To adapt and get ahead, you need better tools that drive efficiency and profitability across your business.

This is exactly why you need the DealerTrack Performance Suite - the industry's most complete suite of high-value automotive management software solutions, including DMS, Inventory Solutions, Sales and F&I, and Compliance. DealerTrack's intuitive Web-based platform features an open architecture to easily integrate your entire dealership.

As a trusted provider of auto dealer solutions to more than 17,000 dealerships, we have a proven track record in contributing to the success of businesses like yours.


Dominion Dealer Solutions

At Dominion Dealer Solutions, our mission is to help car dealers attract, retain, and service customers for life. And, we can do that better than ever before with our end-to-end technology solution. Beginning with the new Progressive Retail Platform™, car dealers can realize new business efficiencies and marketing tools not available in legacy products on the market today. This new platform features innovative web-based customer relationship (CRM) and dealer management systems (DMS) with actionable intelligence from the Microsoft Dynamics platform.


Direct Response Products, (DRP)

Direct Response Products (DRP), has been providing successful automotive events to dealers for nearly 10 years. Our clients are single point dealerships, small and medium size dealer groups, and most of the national automotive groups in the country. Our system is the reason for our success. Our highly professional event includes an onsite General Manager level event coordinator with a minimum of 10 years retail dealership experience, advanced list filtration, and superior automotive marketing expertise including unique direct mail, Email, and TEXT marketing. The DRP system consistently delivers an average 40% sales increase for clients. DRP means ZERO risk + Guaranteed results!

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Founded in 1985 and with over 1,000 direct employees, ELEAD1ONE is a private, family-owned company that has defined itself as the trusted source for more industry leaders, original equipment manufactures (OEMs), top dealers and dealer groups.

Our web-based, single login platform strategically manages customer database, marketing, sales process and customer retention. Through the continuous investment in people, processes, technology and client service, ELEAD1ONE continues to raise the bar for excellence in the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide the best solution to sell more cars and maximize customer lifetime profitability.

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Hospitality Defender

Founded in 1985 and with over 1,000 direct employees, ELEAD1ONE is a private, family-owned company that has defined itself as the trusted source for more industry leaders, original equipment manufactures (OEMs), top dealers and dealer groups.

Our web-based, single login platform strategically manages customer database, marketing, sales process and customer retention. Through the continuous investment in people, processes, technology and client service, ELEAD1ONE continues to raise the bar for excellence in the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide the best solution to sell more cars and maximize customer lifetime profitability.

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Local Search Group

Your Digital Marketing Agency

Local Search Group is a digital marketing agency providing custom solutions for marketing in the 21st century. As consumers spend more time online, the need to develop comprehensive, integrated digital marketing campaigns is more apparent than ever before. We offer custom digital marketing services that drive buying traffic to your website and generate credible leads that translate into sales. Our skilled team offers custom support allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Mouthful Social Media

Mouthful Social Media

Mouthful is your all-in-one solution for social media, custom QR codes, web design, SEO/SEM, PPC and reputation management.

Mouthful Social Media was started because we saw a need for something better in social media... something simpler. In our early days, we adopted the phrase "Say it... don't spray it" because it best explained what we did and how we did it. The tongue-in-cheek phrase stayed because no matter how quickly social media grew, one thing remained the same: a successful digital footprint isn't just online presence; it's a clear and consistent voice. Embracing both traditional and new media marketing strategies, Mouthful provides our clients with a one-stop shop for everything digital... without compromising integrity or quality. Our job is to simplify, clarify and intensify social media, and we're great at what we do.

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Now Marketplace

Now Marketplace, Inc., is a one-stop shop for dealers and local businesses wanting to maximize the Internet as advertising. The company shares a core belief that a web site should be the best advertising for any business, and the services provided are centered around facilitating this with all web sites, specializing in automotive. Offerings include web site design and re-design, profit center updates and compliance submission with professional, themed and interactive graphics and coupons, landing page development for specific ad campaigns and competitive comparisons, microsite creation and banner creative. The company also provides consulting to dealers on digital marketing and best practices in BDC and Internet process management through their unique 90 Day From Now program. The company is also a part of the University of Central Florida Business/Technology Incubator, which is partnered with multiple cities in Central Florida and is one of the premier business incubators in the country.

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Remora, Inc.

Remora is laser focused on benefiting dealer sales through proven techniques that are not scalable. Our hand crafted approach includes responsive web designs and dominating SEO/SEM that sets your dealership apart, brands you as the leader and drives fresh new business into your showroom daily. It works every time and the change is dramatic, a 20% increase in total sales over the first three months is so common it’s expected. Your dealership deserves enterprise level service and a premium website that brings in more than your fair share. Exclusivity is included so there is never a conflict. Own Your Market.

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TrueCar’s national network includes over 7,000 automobile dealers across the United States, the company, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, has helped its dealer-partners sell over 600,000 vehicles to date and shoppers used TrueCar’s no-haggle pricing service in 2011 to buy 235,640 new and used vehicles. It had a hand in 2 percent of sales in the nearly 13-million-car auto market in the U.S. in 2011 and the company claims it has saved people $1 billion so far, with the average consumer saving $4,154 off the car’s suggested retail price, (MSRP).