Jim Ziegler - At Sales Management Super Conference III, Jim Ziegler, The #‎AlphaDawg, will be performing six sessions at the event from his Sales Manager's Forum Seminar and His Samurai F&I Seminar. Thousands of dealers, Managers, and Industry Executives have paid $1500 to attend each of these events. NOW, Ziegler includes this valuable content with other top expert speakers in this incredible event.

@Jim ZieglerOpening Session - Profitability and Volume Sales Management - Jim Ziegler examines the Dealership Profit Centers - In this session, Jim breaks down, step by step, how he grows dealerships to the big numbers overnight.

Jim Ziegler - Alpha DawgJim Ziegler on F&I - This is a Finance Department overview with Ziegler trademark humor. Including The Credit Interview, modern compliance, delivery techniques and Ziegler-exclusive F&I Word Tracts as well as Modern Compliance issues and things every manager and dealer should know and understand. It is fast-moving with high-content specifics and best practices. This is absolutely up-to-date, modern, customer-friendly, high-profitability and low-liability. This is a double-session from Ziegler’s F&I Mastermind Book.

Jim Ziegler's Sales Manager's Forum -­ The entire content of the third day of this event features a one-man performance by Ziegler himself. The Best of Jim’s famous Sales Manager Seminar Jim is going to perform the best 3 hours of his sales managers training for all levels of experience and expertise. No matter what your level of experience , this content is unique and highly effective word tracts, processes and management techniques from the master; this session alone usually sells for twice the price of admission.